When You Get Stuck in Original Games , Try Slot Games...


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Hello friends .
> Surely there are as many creative ideas for betting and gambling on Windice as there are Windice members...
It has certainly happened to all of us, even though our bank is full,

But all bets are red one after the other ,also by changing the games and the seed, there is no special change in it.
Well, my solution for these situations is to use slot games,
I tried. It worked for me. I'm sure it will work for you too...
But you should follow a few important points in slot games....
1.Search for "Megaways " in the slot section (it is better to play games that appear after the search.
2. if you have powerful bank , buy free bonus (%100 recommended )
3. after every huge win or free bonus (not bonus you buy ), change your bet amount (one step higher )
4. also after several huge wins , you must to change game and pick up another slot

wish you have some valuable wins ahead. I'll be glad to share them with me...