When Loyalty and Trust gets broken


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What is TRUST, and what is LOYALTY?
How important really are they to us?

TRUST, is a strong belief that someone is true, honest, and reliable and that something is safe and very reliable. It is something that is very hard to give and very hard to earn specially when that person have already encountered people who are not really trustworthy.

While LOYALTY on the other hand is the quality of being loyal to someone or something. It implies the faithfulness, strong support and devotion of a person to someone or something despite the many temptations around him/her pushing him to betray and leave his family, or friends, partner, work or company over someone or something else.

Being loyal is about staying and continuously devote yourself to that person, company and something
no matter how many trials and challenges come and try to destroy the strong bond built over time.

Honesty is also very important when it comes to loyalty and trust. It plays a very vital role. You can't be called loyal and trustworthy if you are not being honest to your partner, friends, family and work. If you cannot be true. If you are actually hiding something from them.

What happens if the loyalty and trust gets broken?

Because of dishonesty, discontentment, and lack of loyalty and because of trust issues, a lot are finding it hard to trust each other. Some friendships get destroyed, some relationships end and some families get broken. Because of lack of loyalty and trust some companies fall down, some businesses go bankrupt, some ties between each countries being cut down and walls are starting to build, some arguments continuous to grow until arguments turns to fight and fight becomes war.
Many hearts keep breaking. Many tears keep falling, many hopes keep dying, and the saddest part, a lot of children grow up with a broken family.
Because of the absence of LOYALTY and TRUST, many wounds can no longer be mend. Many bonds can no longer be fixed. Many knots can no longer be tied.
And many things can no longer be the way they used to be.

I pray one day the world becomes a better place to live once again. No war, no broken hearts, no issues, no broken family and no more tears falling. Just happy thoughts, happy family and friends and children living a complete happy family. Just happy faces. And everyone become loyal and trustworthy to each other.