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when playing /gambling we tend to win some profits at times but how can we safe guard this profits ?

1. when in profit safeguard first your deposited amount before continuing to play
-its much more relaxing to gamble when you know that you have already withdrawn your initial deposit, its either you gain something or nothing to lose at all, so bear in mind to always withdraw

2. set a limit profit
- some of our sessions we get so lucky that it's so easy to profit but bear in mind also that at the same time it's easy to lose all profits at a very fast rate , so set a profit limit.

3.BANK your daily profits.
- bank or put it in a vault or much better if you convert it to real money because having it as crypto or online you won't feel the importance of it so better convert it to real money then compound

4.always have a backup balance
- we all know that even if how much we play safe we still end up busting, back up would be twice the amount or even higher than the amount of your initial deposited fund coz remember It will be relatively a lot easier to recover with half of whatever amount you lost than with less than that.

5. is for the comment section if any of you would like to add more suggestions on how to safeguard profits on what to do with them . please do ^^