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I dont have much to tell about my gambling story but have story to tell about 2 gamblers. One is about a close friend of mine and other is about a person I know but not close with.

So this friend of mine became addicted to gambling before to the point she turns night into daytime and daytime into night. She'd play every night and would go sleep either late in the morning or at noontime. There will be times she'd even forget to sleep for the whole day. She won many times but most of the time she loses not just profits but all her balance including some depos made. But what's great is she never spent her actual money to have something to play online. And as much as possible, she dont borrow any coins from friends just so she can play. While this other person I know, looks like very addicted already. To the point he'd keep borrowing money from close friends just to play, and his simple reason is, he's bored and he wants to play. It looks like he's undergoing some depression too and he's using online gambling as his way to escape reality and forget about his problems even in a little while. Today they went diffrent paths. My close friend finally slowed down in gambling focusing more on practical ways to earn. She'd still roll at times yes but only for a few one, while the other one continuously fulfilling his gambling addictions borrowing funds so he can roll til he either withdraw some or lose it all.

I have also read real-life stories about people who got addicted in gambling. Some mild and some very serious addictions leading one's life to misery but, was able to finally recover because of the support they were able to get.

These are the links of the sites where I've read the stories. You guys can check these ones out if you wanna get entertained by their stories and so you can also get inspired.


enjoy reading stories from these two websites. Oh and please dont think I did this post to let yall get discouraged in gambling and totally let go your gambling habits ayt? I simply made this post so we all can be reminded and guided. Can learn controlling our gambling habits slowing down our addictions through the shared stories of other people who was once a gambling addict.

Let's not quit let's just slow down. And never make gambling our life. Happy Weekend guys. 😁

Hey, you can also share here your gambling story so others can hear you out. Dnt worry and dnt be shy we all can relate. We all have dark secrets anyway 🤭
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