What play style describes you best?


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We have a lot of rolling style at any dice site like WINDICE.IO. These are some styles which we will be:

1) The pre-roller:
No matter the payout this prime dicer will always pre-roll
2) The Seed Lover:
Have full faith in seed and will completely rely on them while playing
3) Martingale Fan:
No matter how many times Martin Fail. He or She will never stop using martingale.
4) The Strategic:
Will rely on complex methods to place bets. Will even use bots like dice bot if necessary.
5) The Heavy Hitter:
Mostly place big bets and love playing on manual mode.
6) The Conservative:
Mostly plays on high winning chances. Will try whatever they can to make the bets as safe as possible.
7) Go with the Flow:
Will play in whatever style he or she likes to play at the moment.
8 ) Strategy Tester:
Will always be in the look out for new strategies. No matter how many strategies they have its never enough.
9) The Compounding Crazy:
Will go on compounding till the last digit. They more of like enjoy the process more than withdrawing profits.
10) The banker:
What they care the most is banking, everything else is secondary.
11) The Risk Lover:
Loves risk and will most of the time bet on very low winning chances.
12) The Chaser:
Usually end up rage betting. They are in a hurry to win it all back in the shortest time.
What play style describes you best?
I'd say my play style is a mixture of Martingale Fan and The Risk Lover. I enjoy betting with 10% win chance or less, increasing my bet size randomly after several losses. It works most of the time, but, of course, not always.
№ 4 and 11 that's about me. I prefer low bb with low % inc on loss, yup, sometimes it would take plenty of time to see decent profit, but i'm not in a hurry :D
lol this is funny huh, but this all style is you name it or what?
this is a fun one. the answer really depends on where i am at in the game. the only ones i am not are the first 3.
Lmao. awesome post. Id say im split with being a heavy hitter and a risk lover. If im not going for 0.01 payout then im betting bigger amounts. However, Im just learning about seeds and i may soon become a seed lover. after typing that i think not lol.