What is the best betting strategy you had so far?


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There are times when the amount we bet is more important than what we betting on.
So, I want to know what is the best you had so far that brought you to your goal?

Suggestions are highly appreciated
i find betting highmulti w/ low balance to start then bring down multi while increasing bet once youhaave balance to be most optimal
isnt it risky? i mean having high multiplier on a low balance is suicide
what is gambling? taking risk for gain. ofc i dont mean chase 9999 with 100sat from faucets b/c yes your essentially committing faucet genocide at that point... personally ill go after streaks.. multiple 2.5x-5x in a row parlay style ie: multibets 4x*4x=16x 3x*3x*3x*3x=81x creating your high multi
Gambling is a risky, any strategy can make you bust if you play too long, smart gambler know when to stop playing.