What do you love about WINDICE?


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I am Cathalea

I'm new here in this site. I just love the look of the site. The graphics and animation is much cooler than the other site I visited. It's not boring to watch the dice spinning while waiting for the site to load. I also love the digital look of the roll result. And also what is new to me is that you can even choose your target spot. Not like the other site that it's just divided into two sides, just the roll over and roll under. Here you can even chose in the middle which is cool. The chat is awesome with multiple commands like displaying your balance. The way to share your bets made is simple and quick you don't have to copy and paste it.

Although there are some issues I encountered that member complaining of pending withdrawals, I guess there is a valid reasons about that. But overall I love the site. I will still try to familiarize more. I am sure I will enjoy.

How about you guys? What do you love in this site?
Welcome ,Cathalea :)
Yes Windice is the only site I know that has this functionality.
It is also very awesome.
Glad you are having fun and hope lady luck smiles on you.
Same here, I love the interface and the design of dicd here. But what I love the most is the friendly environment of the members here in the forum and all the mod are fabulous and kind.
Windice makes me feel sad makes me feel happy . Easy betting system functionality easy to win easy to lose good luck dicers.
What would make like WINDICE a LOT MORE; with the "Crash" game, can it have a manual "Crash Out" ? I would like to have control of when I crash out. All the other sites I play on have manual crash out & with out that feature, I really don't like playing that game. Which leaves me with only one other option ? Don't care for DICE that much so I'll end up going to another site. But Hey, if WINDICE treats me good, I'm down to endure the growing pains. Let's see how receptive WINDICE is to customer requests & improvements. Y'all enjoy the day. And Gamble safe. Always wear protection.
Win dice is the only site that I have seen like this, where you can chose where you want your tickets. I love this feauture, so might play here more often! :D
I really like the rocket when I'm looking for the payout 9900 it doesn't lack gasoline is good