What are the top features to look for in a stepn clone script?


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In the world of the digital era, everyone is using fitness & lifestyle apps usually, but after the launch of StepN a Web3-based Move to Earn app that allows users to gain rewards for completing their milestones & tasks. There are around many downloads & users are looking for more apps similar to StepN, that's why entrepreneurs & businesses started using the StepN clone script.

StepN clone app is the web3-based move-to-earn lifestyle & fitness app that has all the qualities of StepN. The clone scripts can also be customized according to the business requirements.

Okay, let's see the top features a stepn clone script should include:

  • Game-Fi Elements
  • Game-Fi Systems
  • Decentralized Wallet
  • Burn Mechanism
  • Social-Fi Elements
  • Social-Fi Systems
  • Integrated Marketplace
  • Move to Earn M2E Rewards
  • Two Token Model
Many users are still joining the world of M2E, thus entrepreneurs are still offering many apps with unique features that delight their users with rewards. If you are looking to create a world-class app similar to Stepn, you can contact any high-profile Metaverse development companies for a flawless Stepn-like Move-to-earn platform.