What are the pros and cons of Gambling?


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A lot of discussion has been placed in whether to legalized gambling or not. In which we found that it is difficult to decide. In my opinion they were pros and cons available to discussed that hindrances us to decide.
During my earlier years my parents wouldn't allow us to play cards specially when there is money involved. So why is that? I have come to realized now that gambling might be a little addicting and knowing that I could get money from betting might have create a leeway from the way I have become.

Moreover, as I play in more than half a year here at Wimdice I find it out that gambling might have been a profitable business to others or might be an addiction to some. Many would have agreed to legalizing it and many would not. But I belived that whether we legalized it or not so long as everyone has known betting, gambling might still run, hidden or undergrounds. So why not take profit and allow this institutions to run? (Thats the tax point of view lol).

Hrere are some of the pros of gambling base from my opinion.

1. Attracting other countries and boosting the economy

It is true that if more countries that legalized gambling has attract more investors and casino goers. Making benifit to the government entities by charging a fair value of tax. And ensuring that the releases of licenses will assure gamblers in trusting the said gambling site.

2. When we legalized gambling government can also control what are the regulations for the gambling sites that will make all sites flourished.

Cons of gambling.
1. Addiction - some of the gamblers might put a great effort to gambling and that might result to stealing for just they can bet. Also might compromised other financial personal state.

2. Legalizing gambling might attract curiosity to childrens. Where, as I have experience from my earlier times, childrens are often curious a lot of things. Even I play cards because I can win money just by doing cards!

But in any case in my opinion if we both can benefit in gambling and we find this an enjoyment and leisure only after a long tiring work I think I found legalizing gambling as a harmless means to surpass our boredom. Only that we cannot allow minors to join!

How about you guys what do you think?