What are the activities/contests to join at windice to earn cryptocurrency.


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Windice is a nice dice gaming platform where you can earn cryto currencies by playing their games and winning their promising daily, weekly and monthly contests. I put here list of activities that I have observe during my stay here:

1. Daily wincoin contest,
_By just wagering wincoins/ windice tokens (coins) you have a chance to win a dogecoins! You just simply have to wager and outrank the other members! You don't have to worry because it is quite easy, if you just stay patient and content with your place and visit it before resets to make sure your on the same level. My advice is just don't get too greedy. Haha! Btw the price is 3000 dogecoins and subdivided to top 10 who has the most number of tokens before the resets! Yes wincoins resets everyday! Top 1 is 1200 doge and top 10 will have 30 doge. 😉 Whatever your place is, the important thing is you earn something. If you consistently earn 30doges daily that you will have 900 doges by the end of the month. If it is 1200 consistently 36 000 doges a month! Where will you get that? But yeah no one is consistently on top1 for a month as I have observed! :) But no one knows you could be the one. 😉 One thing that is amazing if you play it on games, you could make it double! But always remember, stay on the green side to avoid losses! Know when to stop. 😉

If you will asked how will you be able to get the wincoin tokens, you will get it after resets, it increases everyday and restart per week and will depends on your star! Other way is by chatting constructively, joining trivia and if you end up to 00 wincoins you can claim on faucet! Faucet also increases when your star is higher! :)

Link for the daily contest!

2. Top poster of the month (Monthly contest)
_This one is the best passive income you will ever have 😉. By just posting constructive ideas about windice, observation and suggesting what needs improvement, and consistently commenting and posting through forum. You could be the one on the top list! The prize is so worth it!
Top1 = 0.0025 btc or equiv
Top2 = 0.0015 btc or equiv
top3 = 0.0010 btc or equiv
Omg right? So much fun! If you are consistent top1 for a year, that is 0.03 btc! What amazing is that, the rules are easy and will really depend on your hardwork! Not luck my friend, but with dedication and talent! Haha.

Heres the link btw for proof of winners,

3. Joining trivia on chatrooms!
-Btw there are 7 public chatrooms on windice, I only knows trivias hosted by our lovely moderators through english chat and here's the list of activities that I have already participated,

a.) Daily Crazy Trivia and Rollhunts!
-This one is fun and entertaining and is hosted by Moderator Anonnep, crazy trivia can happen anytime of the day but rollhunt only happens once so stay active on chat! Btw, our moderator is missing in action lately lol. Hope he is fine though. Anon anonn where are you?
Prizes here: Wincoin Tokens & Doges for hunt

b.) Furlottery ( I can't remember exactly the right word)
-This one is number guessing game hosted by our lovely Moderator Furlicious. Here you only need luck and experince to win. Lol. Haha. Happens once a day or every 2 days as what I have observed or I dunno maybe I am not active during these times. Haha. So stay active on chat!
Prices here: Wincoin Tokens and Ltc ;)

c.) Chatting constructively and random trivia
-This one is hosted by our Moderator Ms. Elyteones. Be sure you have chat more than 5 words and is not spamming to be able to received free coins. 😉 Read chat rules too!
Prizes: Wincoins and Xrp

d.) Order music and Relax!
-This one is sooo amazing, and is hosted by our Dj Moderator Kryakrya, all you have to do is request a song, listen to it, he provides the link, and viola you could also earn free coins! So fun! Happens at 12am ph time :)
Prizes here: Wincoins and Eth

e. Team vs. Team Rollhunt Contest
-This one is pretty cool and thrilling! But yeah happens at 2am ph time so I rarely attend! Haha but it is so fun! Rules are easy and there is still a price even if you don't win, and it only happens weekly and chatroom is for Any Range Chat!
Prizes: Wincoins and Doges
Link for more info: https://forum.windice.io/threads/team-vs-team-rollhunt-contest-23.1313/#post-12665

4. Weekly Wagering Conte4st!
-Here if you want to win more coins you have to think a way to increase your coins to be able to consistently wager more! Haha I don't join this contest but yeah the price is good - btc!

Here's the link, https://windice.io/contest/weekly

5. Weekly Forum Challenges!
-The hunting is good and it was making you think that you have a goal to achieved weekly! But be informed that this has a minimum bet for roll! The hunting is attainable too! I joined on the challenges that are easily achievable though. Hehe! Just visit the Windice Events. And you will find the challenges.
Prizes here : Btc 💚💚 and sometimes doges!

6. Twitter monthly giveaways!
-Prize is nice and the only thing you need to do is tag a friend, retweet and like! Easy right? You need luck here though. Hehe

There is also telegram games and contests! I did not yet participated to it though! So I cannot really share something. Hehe 😉

If I missed something to mention, please add down below;).

"Aim high so when you go down there will be only a little difference. When you aim high expect for the worst and if the result is good expect a good reward" -anonymous
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