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Weekly Challenge:Catch a radio wave

There is a lot of information in the radio frequencies that are circulating around the globe.

I suggest you choose the frequency of the radio waves, where the winner’s music will be played only for you 

Catch your frequency like a surfer glides on a wave of luck.


1. Tune in to the radio frequency 4224x in the game Crash

2. Tune in to the radio frequency 1000x in the game Plinko

3. and tune in to radio frequency 4545x in the game Dice

to participate and achieve success.

1. Bets need not have to be consecutive BUT must be completed in order

2. Changing of seed is allowed

3. Bets must have been made after the commencement of this promotion.(Old bets don't count)

4. 1 valid entry per person

5. No multiple accounts

6. 5+ Messages count on the forum within the past TWO months

7. link your Bet IDs using our bet link function in the text editor. Paste your bet id, then highlight and click on the link bet button, as shown in image below


Minimum bet:

0.00000 100

0,0000 3000

0,0000 4300

0,000 16000


0.0 3600000



0.02000000 (If over 30 participants)

Challenge will close on may 30 at 11:30 am GMT


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What a tough challenge from mod kryakrya :) and it was posted too early i can see, the current weekly cha isn't done yet. 😅. Anyways best of luck to all tough hunters and congrats to who ever will be the winners. 😊
Какой сложный вызов от mod kryakrya :)и это было опубликовано слишком рано, я могу видеть, что текущий еженедельный ча еще не закончен. 😅. В любом случае удачи всем крутым охотникам и поздравляю с тем, кто когда-либо станет победителями. 😊
I have already 23 may) I did not want to detain anyone)
not simple) but what a sweet victory it will be)
So true. It will be a very sweet victory indeed. Not just a very nice profit but an incredible achievement to be very proud of too. :)
Ну Селезень Ты даёшь стране угля мелкого но до х....
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