Weekend well spent


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Hi guys, great day.
Before I finally head back to work, let me tell you a little bit of something I did this past weekend.
Usually on weekends I go out and spend time with my friends chilling then lock myself up in my dark room soon after not minding about anything else. But this past weekend I decided after hard days of long work, instead of doing my usual thing why not spend time with my family and other things worth doing. So since we recently had long weekend, last Saturday, Sunday and yesterday, I decided to do general cleaning in our house and start displaying our Christmas decorations since BER month is coming. I also took time preparing healthy delicious meals for my family and treat them last Sunday after church. I treated my little nephews some nice haircut, treat them in some kids place (an activity area usually for kids and kids at heart, enjoying rides, arcade games, and claw machine games) then brought my whole family to a nice restaurant soon after. And yesterday, again, cooked healthy meal for my family, had a little celebration for the long weekend and enjoyed singing with them whole day using our Videoke.
It was tiring but fun, fulfilling and worth spending. Feels like it had been long time since I last did those activities with them so this weekend was very special and so I decided to share it all here.

How about you guys, how was your weekend spent? Was it well spent with family or just friends? Was your weekend fun?
I am sharing my weekend experience here not to brag but to let you guys know that spending time with family is more important above all. That it's nice to bond with friends or spend time alone on days off but it's more fun and fulfilling spending it with loved ones specially your parents and siblings specially if you're already getting old since we can never tell how long we have left living. That as long as we have the chance to spend time with the most special and important people and things in our life, spend it while we can before it's too late.

Spend our weekends on things and someone more worth spending. 😁❤️

Happy Windicing friends.
And happy last week of AUGUST. SEPTEMBER is finally coming Yey!
Good to know you are slowly maturing, prioritizing family this weekend over other matters. Send my regards to your family
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