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(thx ray for telling me)

for 1 week we get 1000 exp free by logging in daily..

by additional free wincoins,rains of wincoins and faucets of wincoins...i think it is easy to reach silver (30000exp) within 12 weeks...

from faucets and other ways...it is easy to hit 1500 wincoins daily..which is 100 exp..

and by each level up..faucet value increases..so it is easy to shop roughly 1500 exp per week...

so without loosing much original crypto we can reach silver....(but wagering crypto increases our star rating and thus enabling more faucets of wincoins and wagering increases our chances of rain)

for others who want to reach silver..they can reach within 1 week by wagering...since 1$ wager=1exp and also added freebies mentioned above

those who wager a lot...it is best to buy experience boosters in store

good luck windicers

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You might want to edit this. You wont get 500 xp for daily bonus, that 500 is on 7th day.
Exp is also rained in chat
star ratings depends only on wagering of crypto...not on wagering of wincoins

best items to buy in store:
exp boosters and
faucet boosters
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