Hot Updated List of Blacklisted Users who failed to comply to our challenge rules

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Dear Windicers,
Windice is always offering Cool Giveaways & Challenges for our loyalties to partake & win themselves some nice sweet rewards to refill their wallets. All thanks to our Awesome Admin!
Our team moderators have been working hard,burning midnight oil, cracking our brains & nuts.. oops! Did i just say nuts?? Lol!
Just to create interesting yet rewarding challenges for all of our dearest Windicers to have some fun interaction between one another in our games and on the other hand, to reward them for having fun at our Windice home.
So please kindly appreciate our efforts by making an effort to comply to our rules and requirements clearly stated in each of our challenges. Try winning in our simple challenges instead of wasting time tampering your bet results, hoping you can cheat your way to the top of our prize list, but the truth is that you will only end up earning top in our Blacklist. Not worth it really.. So..please be kind and Play smart..
Always Follow the Rules and Requirements Please🏆

List of Blacklisted Users

Those users who have been blacklisted will no longer be able to participate in any of our forum future challenges and giveaways till further review.
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