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Have you guys ever heard about counting disorder or should I say obsessive-compulsive disorder?
Where a person unconsciously count or like what others describe, does COMPULSIVE COUNTING? Have you guys ever experienced it?

According to Google,
People with counting compulsions (counting OCD) may count because they feel that certain numbers have a special significance, and therefore specific actions must be performed a certain number of times. They may count to achieve a state of feeling “right” and to avoid the anxiety of something feeling “wrong.”

Now my question is, have you guys ever heard about this kind of disorder? Or, have you ever experienced this disorder?
Because me, yes honestly I did experienced it and I still am experiencing it at times.

One day many years ago, I suddenly realized I always unconsciously count every time I transfer water from one basin to another. Even when doing other things, I also cant help myself counting unconsciously. I already know it felt weird because honestly, I hate math never liked it at all but funny I love counting whenever I am doing something. Even when playing here in Windice. Everytime I roll, I count. Everytime my rocket flies I count 😆. I count all the bets I make before changing the seed and start another set of bets. Hahahaha! So weird right...?????
And I never realized this actions I do which I thought was normal, is actually a type of disorder. 😆😆😆😆
Came to find out only today when I tried to look for the meaning of that action and when I already had the answer infront of me I suddenly like, OMG! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

How bout you guys, what are the things you do that you suddenly felt makes you weird? Are you like me who loves counting too in the middle of doing something????? Are you a WEIRDO toooo.....?????? 😆😆😆😆
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