Two Week REhab


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i had unpleasant encounter with covid and i was quarantined for two weeks because of it yes i experienced some of the symptoms, during those two weeks i stayed away from any internet related gadgets, no ufc , no windice , no wager , no betting lol went to focused on myself and well being just me and my body it was enlightening experience , during the first few days i had experience some withdrawal symptoms but i kept my mind straight and focused on what is present and around , it was like nah ok its tolerable but after a few more challeging days , my mind went bullocks and thingking of what ifs and what nots hahaha ,though it was a struggle it was still a conquest i survived the week and the most critical part , during that quarantined life i formulated a plan to win and defeat the house edge (lol its a joke ) , nah but seriously it came to me to appreciate everything the wiinings i had in the casino the moneys i depod hahhaah lol anyway im blessed that im ok and happy that im back thats alll thanks for reading this schizophrenic story hahaha happy betting everyone