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You may have noticed that mining now is every non profitable investment right now. I instread have been looking at TRX which is a prof of stake coin which mean you get a percentage of the wallets balance in interest daily. The difference is there is no buying an expensive miner and paying for electricity. You just connect your wallet to the server and collect the money easy as that. TRX is 10% a year and maybe wroth checking out.
The thing is that with POS mining you must hold a significant amount of coins in your wallet for staking, if you want to earn a significant amount while being a node. So, you should buy a lot of coins such as TRX, NEO, LISK, STRAT and so on first, and that, I would say, a risky enterprise.
I would recommend you guys to stay away from TRX, but of course you have your own will and opinion.... Just don't say later you waren't warned =D
TRX pos is not so simple that you hold a balance and you will earn rewards. You have to freeze it and vote for SR. Those SR when they gain reward distribute their earning among the voters. on a rough estimate by freezing 10,000 TRX you can gain about 0.1 TRX daily. But only when the SR manages to gain an output.