Trade $CLOUT on the Exchange


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Now, we’re announcing that the Exchange will be the exclusive launch partner for $CLOUT, the native token of the BitClout network. Today, customers can deposit $CLOUT to their Exchange account to prepare for trading. In about 24 hours, we’ll enable limit-only orders to be placed so customers can participate in price discovery without matching orders. Then 24 hours after limit-only orders are live, we’ll enable live trading. The first order books are CLOUT-USD and CLOUT-BTC.

What is BitClout? BitClout is the first social network built from the ground up as its own custom blockchain. Each creator on the platform has a creator token that can be bought and sold by followers, making it the first crypto social network. In fact, you can follow the handle here. Today, a post submitted to a traditional social media platform belongs to a corporation, rather than the creator who posted it. In contrast, BitClout is a fully open-source, decentralized project with no company behind it — it’s just coins and code. This means every creator has a direct relationship with their followers, which unlocks new ways to engage and monetize that aren’t based on ads.

We’re excited to provide exclusive access to buy and sell $CLOUT to users, not just because it’s a popular crypto project but because it also demonstrates that architects, developers, and builders can create consumer products with crypto protocols. While there is a healthy trading economy for tokens like Bitcoin, we’re still in the early innings when it comes to use cases that non-crypto folks can truly get excited about. We’re excited to support more assets for our customers, collaborate with BitClout developers and community, and look forward to listing other similar crypto projects in the future.

NOTE: Ventures is an investor in BitClout.​