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Have you ever won the jackpot? Well unlike other players I am not lucky enough to take home the jackpot.

Within 3 months for this year windice already give away 6 jackpots into different members.

Though looking at the reward it wasn't that much, but what are the odds right?


If you play the in house game you'll see this summary below along with all bets, your own bets and high rollers.. I always look at it everytime and wonder, when will I ever hit that 7777 on dice when I am using crypto while playing. Haha. Yep I have already encountered the 7777 but I am using wincoins back then. Such a shame.

But why is jackpot called jackpot btw? I always heard jackpot from my aunts while they are gossiping around. They would always say whenever someone from our neighbor marry a richman "She won a jackpot with her rich husband'. Haha. Kidding aside, where did jackpot originated?

According to some of the articles that I have read from google, jackpot comes from playing poker since 1800s.

I am not really into poker but it was said from the article that there is a pot where the players have to pay whenever they wager or in game, and won't be won unless a player has two jacks or better.

If no one owns the jack, the more money is added to the pot. More money in the pot the game looks a lot more thrilling.

Anyway happy gaming guys hope ya all hit the jackpot hehe


Some slots win often (aka "loose", high RTP).
Some don't win often but win big.
Some have very fun bonuses.
Some have several different bonuses packed into the game.
Some are good because the minimum bet is extra low.

Which slots do you like to play and what is it about them that keeps you coming back?
Also, if there are any we should stay away from, please share! Save us from making the same mistake. 😌
One of the first ones I found and liked was "Fire Lightning" by BGAMING because of the sticky wilds feature. 10 free spins and the wilds that appear in reels 2, 3, and 4 stay there until the end of the spins. I've had great moments when almost every available spot had a wild in it with 4 spins left, knowing each spin was going to be big.

Another is "Brave Viking" by BGAMING. There are 2 different ways to get an immediate 100x bet, two ships on reels 2 and 4 grant you 1/3 chance at it, and the other is by 4 eyeballs showing up, the eyeballs also give you 15 free spins. I have to say though, oddly enough, the free spins on this game are not good. Completely vanilla, no multiplier, no extra wilds, just regular spins that don't do much. Despite the free spins not being good, the 100x's show up often enough.
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