Today's awesome events, September 18th


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Hi Windice friends, how are you?
Wish you are all well today and enjoyed your weekend.

Anyway, do you guys have a friend from long ago and wonder what they are doing lately? Or have a relative or even a family member you have not made any contact for a long time? How about thinking about the day you first saw your FIRST LOVE? HAHAHAHA!! Are you also craving for a burger or simply looking for something to satisfy the craving of your sweet tooth?
Do you still have good communication with your grandparents, aunts and uncles and even parents? And lastly, are you a pet lover?

Well, today is the best and definitely the perfect time to achieve all that I have mentioned above. Because today, the world and some countries are celebrating

Locate An Old Friend Day,​

National First Love Day,​

National Respect Day,​

Respect for the Aged Day,​

National Cheeseburger Day,​

Rice Krispies Treats Day,​

Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week​

There are many more National and International events being celebrated today infact there are 29 events mentioned by some sites. I just chose these events I mentioned here since they're the ones I can see are easy, fun, interesting and very achievable. Atleast for some 😂

Today let's start finding our old friends or classmates and reconnect with them. Let us try contacting our relatives or a family member we have not talked to for a long time. Today is the best day to show them we care and we think about them. Setting up reunions would be great. Today is also the perfect day for you to start making some home made cheeseburgers and/or rice krispies if you are craving for one or simply go to fastfood restaurants that serves one. It would be too awesome to ask some old friends or loved ones to come along. Besides, it's more fun if you are not alone eating those burgers and rice krispies😁
It's also the best time for us to start showing our grandparents how thankful we are because of them. Giving them warm hugs and flowers and telling them how much we love them is simple yet very heart melting. Let us also start becoming more sensitive with the feelings of others. Let us show respect to everyone around including animals and if you are one of the pet lovers, it's time you try caring even those which are less-adpotable pets. Show them they are still adorable and worth loving despite their flaws and all. Besides, pets are the ones who can love us without conditions.
Lastly, isn't it funny but cute thinking about the very first day we learned how to and started falling inlove with someone? The day we started feeling those butterflies in our stomach, the first time we held someone's hand and kissed that person we once called 'special someone'. Wether we ended up with them or not, and wether that first love became a nightmare or what, isn't it crazy to think about that special moments we had with them? Hahaha! Well, they say first love is unforgettable. Hahahahaha! So if you feel like thinking about your FIRST LOVE, then every 18th of September is the perfect date to think about him/her and recall those moments you both had and shared. Hahaha!

Here are the list of other events for this date, September 18th

* Chiropractic Founders Day
* Ganesh Chaturthi
* Gedaliah Fast
* Global Company Culture Day
* Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day
* Independence Day
* International Equal Pay Day
* National Cartonnage Day
* National Colton Day
* National Day of Civic Hacking
* National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day
* National Report Kickback Fraud Day
* Purple Bra Day
* Read An eBook Day
* U.S. Air Force Day
* World Water Monitoring Day
* Malnutrition Awareness Week
* National Eye Health Week
* National Jeans for Genes Day
* National Rehabilitation Awareness Week
* Recycle Awareness Week
* World Reflexology week

Goooodluck and good day Windice friends.!!!!!
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Thanks for this one it suddenly reminded me to connect with my college mates and friends.I haven't seen them for a long time now and i miss them so much. Cheeseburgers oh craving but cant go out too bad rice krispies, its delicious but not interested 😅. And about respect well this should be applied not just today but everyday. Respect for elederly, hmm good i suddenly missed my grandmom, today is her flight going to europe i will miss her so much 😭
Oh first love lol 😅
Sometimes we concentrate so much on work or problems that we forget to say hello by message, or to visit those people with whom we have pleasant moments.
Yes that's true. Because we focus too much on ourselves we forget other people even those really close to us. Even our loved ones. We forget to their existence even if it's not our intention to do so. This builds barriers between each other. This leads to misunderstanding. It's really important to have continuous communication with them no matter how busy we are because once they slowly disappear one by one we can no longer get the chance to bond with them no matter how much we want to. And that will be regretful.