Tips to succeed in the weekly forum contests


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Weekly forum contests
The weekly forum contest is a popular weekly contest on the forum where all the participants that complete a challenge share a prize pool together (0.0052 ). I noticed that quite often users fail to complete the challenge because they don't read well enough or not fully understand the requirements. In this thread I will give some tips that will make it easier to complete the challenges.

The first thing that is necessary to check is in which order the bets have to be made if there are several bets needed to complete the challenge. Often the required bets are written in the order that they have to be hunted but even the text will help you indicate with which bet to start. If you look as example to the description of last weeks challenge you see that the first required bet is written first but even the words "To start off", "Next" and "Lastly" indicate that you should start with the dice bet, after that the crash bet and as last the plinko bets:
Forum challenge last week.png

On the bottom of the description you will even see a note confirming that the bets dont have to be consecutive but in order:

Be sure to hunt in the required order and make sure the timestamps of your bets correspond with this otherwise you will fail your challenge.


Another important thing to check is which target(s) you have to hunt. In the screenshot above it says "play dice and hunt down 132x". In this case you have to hit a dice bet with the exact multiplier 132x, no more and no less. If it's allowed to hunt a different multiplier then it's written in the description like in this weeks challenge:
forum challenge this week.png

Here you can hit all multipliers from 1000x or above.

The target can even be a roll number like in this old challenge:

older forum challenge.png

Be sure to read the description well and hunt the exact multiplier or number that is required to complete your challenge successfully.

Minimum bet
Now that you made clear in which order you have to make your bets as well as which targets you have to hit you have to make sure that the amount you are betting is at least the minimum bet size that is required before you start betting. On the bottom of each challenge there is a table with the minimum bet sizes you have to bet in each currency for that particular challenge. As example this weeks challenge have the following minimum bet sizes:
minimum bet size.png

This means that if you choose to bet with for this challenge that the bet size of your hits should be at least 0.00006228 . The bet size can be bigger but not smaller. If you send in a bet with a lower bet size it will not be approved and you will fail your challenge.

Other requirements
The last thing you have to do before you are ready to start betting for your challenge is to check if there are any other requirements for the challenge. There are general requirements for the challenge which will look like this:
general requirements.png

But there can also be some other requirements for the bets in the challenge. As example the plinko bets last week had another requirement then just hitting the target:

other requirements.png

Here each of the 6 plinko bets had to contain one of the words (Ring, Net, Ball, Hoop, Bag, Bench, Court, Rim, Jersey, Shorts, Socks) in the bet ID. There is even an example of a bet ID where the letters I,R,N and G are marked with a purple dot. These letters form the word Ring which is one of the mentioned words in the requirement. All of the 6 plinko bets had to contain at least one of the words in the bet ID to be approved.

Always make sure that you check the order, target(s), minimum bet size and other requirements well to successfully complete your forum challenge. As long as you do this your chances to become one of the winners of the prize pool will gain significantly! Good luck!
This is a very helpful content especially to the new hunters. We'll done chibby.
This is absolutely amazing. And is a really helpfull tool. Congratulations!
Indeed, people are well advised by the mods in challenge posts! Have seen people newly joining just once reading the full posts of challenges shared by mods!