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Some say you are already matured if you no longer have any interest playing any kids games like kids toys and kids video games, watching kids shows like cartoons and animes, and eating kiddie like foods like candies and other yummy, chewy, and mouth watery junkies that gives you sweet tooth. I say, it's not true at all. There are people who already think and act maturely but at times they go back to being a kid again. Doing and eating the stuffs they used to do and eat as a kid because at times it's their only escape from the reality even for a short while and become a kid again once in a while. Besides, there is also a saying "kids at heart". Means, they are already fully matured but they emotionally turn into kid at times.

They say you are already matured if you no longer cry over things that hurt you. If you can already handle and overcome pain. I say, being matured doesn't necessarily mean you have to be tough no matter what happens and show the world you are very strong inside out. It's normal to get tired, to feel exhausted and drained, and to cry if you can no longer bear the pain. We are just human not robots so crying is normal. It also simply means we still are not turned into stone cold human. 😂

They say, you are already matured if you are no longer dependent and if you can already live on your own. I say, not all independent and who lives on their own are really matured enough. Some just don't like to live with their parents because they wanted total freedom in doing what they want to do even if it means living in a bad way. 😂 And just because some still lives with their parents doesn't mean they are still dependent. They just don't like to be separated with their parents and don't want to be living alone. And not everyone who are married are already matured because some married couples are still immature and childish. 😂 Being an irresponsible partner and parent is one example of it.

It's not always true as well that we are weak if we do not fight back if some people try to destroy us. Sometimes, being silent is the best revenge we can give to these haters. Because showing them that we are not affected no matter how bad they say about us and that we don't really care what they do is the best way to irritate them even more. 😂
So I say, if people try to ruin you verbally, fight back by just laughing back at them because of their ridiculous actions and showing them the best of what you already are by actions. meaning, "less talk more action."

On the other hand, it's not also true that you are immature, childish and unprofessional if you show your bad side when someone disrespects and bully you. Fighting back is normal even if it means losing your cool and stooping down to someone's level. 😂
We sometimes need that animal instinct. hahahaha! We sometimes have to give them haters the kind of revenge they deserve. hahahaha!
Sometimes, our attitude and actions depend on the kind of treatment we get from people around us.

Lastly, just because some Mods here in Windice punishes players by muting them, keeps giving warnings and slaps someones face with some strong lines, doesn't mean they are already very strict, arrogant, disrespectful, cold hearted, bossy and power hungry. They are just doing their job as a Moderator and that means to remind players of the chatrules and to warn violators, and ensure the chat is free from all possible violations and trash even if it means muting these repeat offenders many times in a day, week or month. 😂 Because as long as we players keep breaking rules, Moderators will continue doing what is right and that is to discipline us by silencing us. It's a must.

Just because too many problems come in your way doesnt totally mean you are very unlucky and your life is a mess. Doesnt totally mean you're not good enough. And just because you keep losing a lot many times doesnt already mean you will never be lucky and you are a total loser. It's just a matter of you changing your strategy in playing your everyday role in life. Keep believing there is always a rainbow at the end of the tunnel waiting for each one of us. That there is always a good news that awaits us. We just have to be positive no matter what the situation is.

There is always a reason why things happen and people do the things they do.
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