The Story Of A Gambler (Part-II)


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Hello friends.. sorry for late.. In the previous part We can see a boy from an village how enter the crypto world and scammed many times. And then left the crypto world without earn a penny... Now we go further. So lets start.

Samar working in shop and he has a computer. After 3 to 4 Months he again search for mining site . Checking many sites and he get one site name hashrange where he deposit 30$(the best plan in the site was at 30$) and he start waiting for minimum treshold for withdraw. In less than a Month he reached the treshold and request for withdrawal and he get that withdraw. He was surprised and much happy. He used the website further and reinvest as well invest more upto two months and withdraw all in the next months earning and he was much happy getting withdrawals . The website worked for next 4 months and he earned upto 0.02 btc there and he was much happy to see that he has coins. Then he back to the gambling world again.
Further story later. Sorry
When finally you have want to settle the score ...(let me get back what i lost here,....tada u lose more