The Return of Gustaf' SON


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Blaydes and ASpinal would be headlining uufc fight night this coming july 24th 2022 this is a clash of heavy weights but my leans are going big on tom aspinalll he is a different breed with better cardio compared to balydes , blaydes is ok a good wrestler but aspinal he knocks and submits opponents both . no doubt im betting heavy on aspinal

on this card a Lightweight contender is returning from the depths of heavyweight, a contender who beat the likes of two champions named glover texeira and jan balchowix , went dance with the goat himself JON JONES and the forever great daniel cormier ON PAPER he fought better competition comapred to his opponent and whats better is he is at DOG MONEY 2.5x and thaat my friends is a snipe for me ! ALEXANDER GUSTAFSSON by decision
a lot of good favorites here on this card due to the fact that last week was the week for the underdogs but this weeek the favorites doesnt seem lacking and odds on point
this was an unfortunate card being the main event tom aspinal got a leg injury during the fight and was not able to continue