The Railway Men. Untold story of Bhopal 1984


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Greetings to all. I want to share the series I watched called "The Railway Men" with you all in the hopes that it may surprise you. I realize most people don't like to watch shows based on true stories or biographies but i assure you like it.
It is written by Aayush Gupta and directed by debutant Shiv Rawail. Aside from Babil Khan, it stars well-known actors Kay Kay Menon. R.Madhavan. and Divyenndu.
Kay kay Menon
(as station master Iftikar Siddiqui)
R. Madhavan (as railway general manager Rati)
Divyenndu (as dacoit Balwant Yadav)
Babli Khan (as the young loco pilot Imad Riaz).

Inspired by real-life incidents and the railway crew that rescued numerous lives during the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy at Union Carbide India Limited's chemical factory, The Railway Men.


It includes four episodes, each lasting between fifty and seventy minutes.
Me Inspired by the characters Imad Riaz and Iftikar Siddiqui, I would like to share a few situations that can capture your attention.

Imad Riaz, a former employee of Union Carbide India Limited, discusses his friend's death at the facility from inhaling hazardous gas with a journalist. Because Imad Riaz complained, he was sacked.

When a second time plant gas leak occurs, it spreads throughout the city, killing a large number of people on the streets and in the station. At first, Iftikar and Balwant are confused by the trouble. They quickly come to understand that those inside appeared to be uninjured. They make an effort to get together everyone at the station's waiting area. Communication systems are unavailable as a result of unfinished cable repair work.
Due to his past, Imad, who started a new work as a loco pilot, learned about the gas leak.

Rati attempts to convince Rajeshwari Janglay, the DG (Personnel), to act and provide assistance to the Bhopal stuck people. But her bosses don't listen to her complaints.

By putting trapped people living a goods train, Iftikar, Imad, and Balwant manage to save them on their way.

To interest one's interest in viewing the untold true story of Bhopal Junction Station, it seems the description of the circumstance is good enough.

To completely understand the reasons behind the actions of the station master and loco pilot characters, you must watch the series "The Railway Men". The events and actions change as the plot progresses.
Main Character should be Imad Riaz instead of Station Master in my point of view after watching the series.
Imad riaz attractive in this series yeah, he struggles and sacrifice his life for people in railway station, on the other hand they were inspired by station master their main character station master. He completely done his mission with his breaths.
Main Character should be Imad Riaz instead of Station Master in my point of view after watching the series.