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The most interesting articles on the web

The recording from India shocked the Internet users. Nobody comprehends what this man did.

An amazing video from India has recently appeared on the web. We can see an employee of a street food stand there. The man is focused on his job. Suddenly he puts his hand in the boiling oil. What happened next surprised everyone.

The video immediately caught the attention of Internet users. They are unable to understand how it is possible that the worker returned to his work as if nothing had happened, even though his hand was immersed in boiling water a moment ago.

Recorded in India

It all happened in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. An employee of a street food stand was recorded by the blogger Bombay Foodie Tales.

As we learn from India Today, the employee was selling pakora, a popular snack of the local cuisine. They are pieces of vegetables in a dough, deep-fried. But why does a man put his hand in boiling oil? He did it more than once, smiling at the camera at the same time! After a while he drank something from the small cup and resumed his other activities.
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There was an avalanche of comments under the video. Most people can't understand how a man didn't get burned.

"He's probably drinking pure lava at the very end of the movie," reads the comments.

"This man just had a fire potion, right?" - someone else writes.

One internet user found that the employee must have lost feeling in his hand beforehand, so he did not feel any pain. However, he does not think it is safe.