The Marathon for Wincoins Daily Challenge due to Dogecoin price increase : A review!


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The recent price bullish pump on doge coin has made many windice users to stay active and be the first to enter to the top! Many have been playing safely and maintaining their placed on top 10! Competition has been a wild week based from my observation! And it has made more active users! Why?

Price pool last week : 3000 doge ; top 1 will win 400 doge! Last week high price of doge is 0.45$ who would expect doges to come to that point! From 0.009 this March to 0.45$!

Price pool this week has change : 600 doges : top1 will get 240 doge with the current price right now it is quite decent!

Price pool last year was 10 000 doges with 1200 price for the top 1!

And previously when you'll look back from that time players don't give much attention to doges and you'll see competition is very low unlike these days! See attached comparison! You'll never see much of 100k wincoins getting on top 1! And they don't even put a lot of effort to race well with wincoins!

Windice daily contest starts


Latest wincoin contest


Changes of wincoin pool price this week


We can see the difference on how wincoins from previous points is and how users don't give attention from this previously! From before you wouldn't see much of 10k wc on the daily contest! And it always amazed me how these people get those wincoins when my highest hunt for wc is only about 10-20k wc! Hahaha! Well I have a tough luck!

And as of today we are now on 299th daily wincoin contest!!!! Let's have a toast on that!

To further guide you with some of the tips in order to outrank the top1 on the list, you can buy wincoin tokens at shop! Be sure to calulculate the amount you will buy and vs the amount you will earned! Because you might never know the top 1 hides some balances on their bank!

Current price of wincoins from my 23th level and I have 3 stars!


So this is how I calculate it!

Pool price is 240! And 36 doge is for 10000 wc! Todays competition 70000k wincoins is on the top list! Quite hard to achieved if you have 0 balance wincoins! So don't buy coins without knowing whats the current price! Always check if you'll buying to lose than thinking your buying to gain! 5k wincoins cost 20 doges! And you need to be at top 7 to get back what your buy price! Always think first of your position before buying! I only encourage to buy these if your position is on top 1 or top 2 just to ensure youre place!

And yeah thats how hype the daily contest is now!!!

Good luck on hunting!