The faucet is to low

Yeah. I have checked in VIP. It says for level 30 you will get 10% bonus crypto faucet ONLY, + i think its not practical to claim crypto there bec it says your exp will get deducted 200 every claim you make but you will only get very small amount of crypto. Funny. Also cryptos are down now so its really not worth claiming. But other features here in windice is nice. Too many rains to catch if you are active and talkative hahahaha! We have a lot of generous moderators around so its cool. Still a good one for me 👍
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Your lucky to have 3 rolls with faucet at level 30 not great
I agree.. 200 experience points for about 3 rolls that more than likely to be losses isn't really worth it. I know that the faucet is free crypto, but when I total up what I have spent to get to level 31 gold, it's sort of been paid for if you know what I