The Best of Martingale


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Are you familiar with Martingale?​
I'm sure majority of you guys will say YES and few will say what the heck is Martingale? Well, for the sake of newbies -Martingale is a betting strategy when you double (increase) your bet when you lose so that the first win you get will recover all your previous losses plus a win profit equal to the original stake. This is probably the most famous gambling play style specially for the new gamblers and/or some old ones.​
Some people/gambler may think that Martingale is a SURE THING strategy but it has pros and cons. Lets discuss some.​
1. If you could always double your bet when you lose you'd be guaranteed to always come out ahead. This is only true when you have infinite supply of money or a big back roll. However, the cruel reality states that you don't have infinite supply of money and you will run out of supplies at some point.​
2. If you can control yourself and not play for hours martingale is your game. The idea that we don't have unlimited supply of money is the reason why we don't have to play the martingale style. It is not a safe option if you want to play for 4 hours or so. Martingale strategy is great when it comes to generating a win in a short term. Odds doesn't change whether you play for a long term or a short term basis.
It is best to play a few hours at a time until you have won enough money and quit playing.

To wrap it up, martingale is best for beginners who are still learning. It is the simplest and basic way to regain and recover losses.
I would like to discuss and elaborate more but I also want to keep it short and simple so it will not be boring.​
Sorry if you find my post lacking.​
I'll improve at some time ^^V​
I only say for this post is " YES"

martin gale is a technique that has expiration date, if you do not know the time to start and stop, mainly, the result will always be bad ...