That One Friend (prelude to gambling)


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When the pandemic struck hard where in galivanting was prohibited and everything was on lockdown and the only thing you got was your computer and mobile phone I ended up playing online games for hours and watching till the dawn drop but the time came wherein I got tired and started questioning myself why not look for something that would generate money online? so i searched and searched i tried doing surveys and such but it's too time-consuming and slow! I wanted something faster i clicked from one advertisement to another then site to site until i got myself reading on cryptocurrency (yes im a late bloomer in crypto not right on time but was on a good time ) I WAS ON A THIS IS IT moment! I furthered my research took some advice from friends who know a thing or 2 about crypto, they told me this and that but what struck me most is this one friend of mine, Yes That ONE FRIEND.

This is what he said "BRO BE MY AFFILIATE"