Thank you Books


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Book means "Big Ocean Of Knowledge" and through books everyone is seeking the tips of living happy lives in this world. When we read books, then we will be opened mindsets and can gain the things easily. Books have the quality to make you lough when you are in sadness. Some humorist writers compel you to imagine very far, where you have not thought for that. Books are the friends of ours, when we read them, then beside books all can leave us alone in our life, but the knowledge of books will be with us till we die. When we say our friends for going somewhere, then usually they make excuses, but books never, they are ready for giving company to you in each place. I am really thankful of my books, who never left me alone, and you all should thanks your books and make your friendships more stronger.

All now, do you find the same things in your mind? Do you think the books really need to be thank by us? If yes let's cheer for the books we read and enjoy .


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