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Ok if we were to facilitate teams of 4 and we each having our claimed hot game or game of choice and each are given like 200 wincoin to begin with but here’s the kicker There’s a wild card in order to give extra unknown outcomes and if a team has 3 busts in a row it’s out of the contest at hand so say we have 5 teams each team has a wild card player 2nd string if you will and 4 starters now that wild card player is for very last round we will play in 10 -15 minutes rounds and following each round there can be a 5-10 minute wait so If someone is drinking and got to pee so each team is to play any two game At each round so two players from each team chosen by team agreement upon which games and the first 8 players take 200 win coins at start and after ten minutes all betting stops and all balance is quality check for the petty and we get first glimpsed of which team is already showing the best sessions of the 8 oh and I should have mentioned it is cumulative score so first round hold what you got at round two the other main team 8 players play the other two games for ten minutes and stop hold just like in first round ok final round is going to require all five players of each team and a flip of a coin decide (dice or crash )5minutes each player is given 125
Wincoin all 5 will play at the end of 5 minutes we add 1st two rounds teams total balance of win an then out of the four which ever is lower than the wild card must be swamped better session than one of the four teammates session scores of the final round so we need to take each teams round totals and add them u -50% of win if you get swamped and winning team gets unlimited 12 hour faucet plus small prize of any coin of your liking for the winners and -50% for the one who was swamped and 75% to the wild card player if it has been used 25 % wild card if I don’t know if I articulated it well enough but I like it
Total round scores are summed, -50% for swamped, winners get 12-hour faucet and coin prize, swamped loses 50%, wild card gets 75% if used, 25% if not. It's a dynamic, layered gaming concept.
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