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The schoolgirl had an ugly pink. Teeth disproportionate to his cheeks, low back hair and dark complexion, no girl wanted to sit next to him on his first day at the new school.
In front of him was a beautiful and rich girl who attracted everyone's attention. On the first day, he stood in front of the newcomer and asked him:
Do you know the ugliest girl in this class?
Once the class exploded with laughter...
Some laughed even more exaggeratedly.
But the newcomer, with a look full of kindness and love, said a sentence in her answer that caused her to gain special respect from everyone, including me, on the very first day, but unlike me, you are very beautiful and attractive.With just one sentence, she showed that she is the most reliable person who can be trusted, and so it reached a point where everyone wanted to be in her group for the weekend camp.
she had chosen a suitable name for everyone. she used to say honey eyes to one and rainbow eyebrows to another.
she gave one of the teachers the title of the most polite teacher in the world and the school employee the title of the most popular helper of the students.
Yes, she is outstanding feature was in his compliments to others, that he really believed in his words and pointed exactly to the positive aspects of the person.
For example, she called me the greatest writer in the world and called my sister the best cook in the world! And he was right.
My sister Shepzi was speechless and I was surprised how she understood this in the first week
Years later, when he was elected mayor of our small town, I went to see him, and regardless of his appearance, I felt strongly attracted to him.
Five years ago, when I went to propose to him, I thought the reason for my interest was his magical charm, and he said with his usual simplicity and dignity:
To see the attractiveness of a thing, it must be attractive before!
Currently, I have a three-year-old daughter with him. My daughter is very beautiful and everyone is amazed by the beauty of her face
One day my mother asked my wife what is the secret of our daughter's beauty.
My wife answered: I owe the beauty of my daughter's face to her paternal family.
And my mother gave us half of the family property the next day.

💥 Greatness is not seen
Greatness is in how to see👌