SPORTS BETTING to be included for future windice update


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A missing key ingredient for windice is as a sports betting platform

a lot of us is a sports fan , it was incalculated to us since our early years in school and specially during our teenage years , may be it basketball, soccer, boxing, tennis , billiards , esports , chess and such ! yes till i now gotta admit watching sports is one of my favorite past time and thus this we have sports betting on our fingertips, it brings out the sports fan within us to support OUR PLAYER ! OUR TEAM ! OUR COUNTRY! YES, what more is enjoyable is seeing your team winning and you winning as well tru betting !!! you are not just involved EMOTIONALLY but FINANCIALLY as well!!

why include it in windice ? 1.stats-wise numbers don't lie , second reason is to attract more players in the community, hard sports fan, 3rd every online betting platforms are udpdating to its fullest and lastly YES!
Было бы не плохо сделать ставки на спорт! Столько классных событий.