Some names of new and old friends participating in Windice doges daily contest from 2020 to 2023


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Hello friends I hope you are doing well I am Alexhales, Once again I have come to talk about today new topic I hope you like it so let's talk about today on new topic Windice was started on February 2019 and many events were held, this contest started on 30 June of which the wincoin doge daily contest in it the names of those who were in top 10 were listed in a list.i am going to write a list and I am going to remind that they were also friends who used to win the contest at that time.this contest used to be for 3000 doges and later as the price of doge increased from 3000 to 30 doges it. Decreased to 1500 doges from Jan 2021 and again the price of doge increased and it decreased from 1500 doges to 1000 doges on 18 march 2021 and then went down for the last time and did not go down after that on it reached 600 doges on 22 Apr 2021.Even now the contest is for 600 doges.These doges are divided among 10 people.So I am going to write the names of old and new friends who participated from the year 2020 to 2023 and his name in the contest.I am going to write the names of some of them there are about 13000 people who participated in this contest the names are too many so I am going to write the names of a few people.The names of some people from the first year Hope you all like this thread.

Some names of friends participating in the year 2020



Some names of friends participating in the year 2021



Some names of friends participating in the year 2022


Some names of friends participating in the year 2023


Windice provided a lot of facilities. These are all the names who participated. It was very difficult and there were too many names. I had written a lot, but there are 10 files attached here, so some of them have been missed, so friends, hope this is also a thread. If you liked it, please like and comment. God bless you all.

I pray that you always laugh☺️, keep smiling☺️😊☺️ and spread smiles😊😊. Good luck to all friends☘️🤞
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Hope you watch your name in the list and have a little smile on face thanks friends for giving love