Slots - Excitement or Greed

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Most popular form of playing the games is slots. It is some form of excitement or fun to play and as well there are hundreds of different games which you can play so it does not become monotonous too and have a fun filled games. What is the element that drives you to play the slot games, is it the greed or trying the different games or might try the live cards games and see if you can beat the dealer.

Do you have any popular or favorite games in slots which you play always or like me you keep trying different new games which get introduced as and where basis in Windice. Also, if you happen to win the big during the initial start of the game, so do you play further and enjoy the thrill ride or do you stop after that big win. What is your course of action in such situations. What is the maximum x you have won till now in slots game if you have tried your hands on it.

If remember correctly, I happen to hit 200x in one of the games which is the highest for me till now. How about you?