Sharing is Caring


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Growing up my mother used to say, "at times it's much better to share to people you don't personally know or don't get to meet everyday." Her reason is, because when giving or sharing something to people close to her like family, close relative or a friend, aside from sometimes they wont return the kindness received and they are only good in asking for a favor but is forgetful and selfish whenever she asks for help, some of them can't also help but show discontentment with what they get instead of being grateful.

I agree with her but of course for me at times it's still much better to not choose people who to share with. I believe in the saying, SHARING IS CARING. If you care about someone, share the blessing, doesnt matter if you share big or small. Share even to those who are not good to you. And if you want to share, share without expecting something in return so it won't hurt that much. Do not expect too much from people you've shared with. When you share, just think that you do it because you love them and you care for them and that you just wanted to help them in any way you can. Because it's true that everyone is willing to receive but not everyone is and will be willing to share back what they have received. And that there will always be someone who will have their side comments no matter what you do and say. Believe me when I say that the moment you share something some would either appreciate it or would complain because they would want something more. And once you stop giving, they'll say you are selfish. Because that is a human nature LOL.
Also, hey share what you have but do not share everything because once you end up with nothing, not everyone will be willing to help you back, that's how reality hurts so it's always better to keep even a little for yourself so you won't regret it in the end.

Do not also forget that sharing doesn't also always mean giving tangible things. We can also share intangible ones like guidance, life advices, life experiences, knowledge and wisdom, spiritual thoughts, fun moments, unforgettable memories, helping hand to someone in need, giving inspiration and motivation and even showing empathy and sympathy to people who are down. There are a lot of ways to show how much you care to people around you.

Share while you can and do not count how much you have already shared. Instead count how many lives you have already touched and how many more you will be touching. Believe me, not everyone will appreciate you but God never cease to forget in pouring more blessings to people who always show kindness to everyone.

Good luck and God bless Windice
its always nice to share when you have a lot of extra but never forget to keep something for yourself first my dear because like what you've said, everyone wants to have their share but not everyone will be willing to share back. God bless you always :)