Sending Tips and making rains


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Hi my fellow gamblers and hunters, old and new.
I am back again with another thread.
In this post I will share the steps on how to send tips and make rains using our available cryptocoins.

Let me begin first with the rules provided in the faqs page of Windice for sending tips and making rain.




It clearly says that the minimum balance left on the account of the player who sends tips or make rains should atleast be 0.0005 BTC or equivalent. And currently 0.0005 is $32.64077.
It also says that a player can only send tips or make rain if the funds used is originally from a deposit.

But here is one fun fact,

I tried sending small tip to a friend and it went through even if I have not made any deposit recently and the balances I have in my account only came from the rewards for winning some contest and challenges.



Awesome right? πŸ˜πŸ€©πŸ‘Œ

How to send tips and make rains?

For sending tips you have 2 ways.
The 1st one is by typing / or clicking the command at the right corner of the text/chat box. Then click the command for sending tip and add the username of the player.

It should look like this: /tip @Mrbones


Then a page for tip options will popup. It is where you can edit what coin to send and how much you would like to tip the player.​


Just like what is indicated in faqs, the min. Amount of tip is 1000 sat. And remaining balance should atleast be 50k sat BTC or equivalent. The max. amount is also indicated at the right side of "amount" box.
You can also leave a short comment for that person and you can also edit if you want to be displayed in public chat or send the tip privately.

The 2nd way/option is to search the name of the player in the search field if he/she is offline or tap his profile is he/she is present in the chatroom.


This is safer and more convenient to use than the first one because in this 2nd option you will be confident enough that the tip will be sent to the right person since you will be able to tap/click on the right username and profile.

For making rain, all you need to do is click the command shown at the right side of the text/chatbox then click /rain.


A page for rain command will then pop up. It is where you can choose the crypto you want to rain, how much you would like to rain, how many players you would like to get the rain and what room you would like the rain to fall.



And just like in sending tips, the minimum amount for making rain should be 1000 sat and the remaining balance should atleast be 50k sat BTC or equivalent.

P.S. we cannot tip and rain our Wincoins. Only Moderators have the power to do that. 😁😁

That's all for this thread my fellow gamblers and hunters, goodnight and have fun!!!! 😁😁✌️✌️
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