Save accounts for being busted


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When we have a small account, we play securely without leverage and become successful to increase the little account. In this time we have control in our emotions. But, when the account becomes huge, we wish for more and double the size of the bet. During this time if a loss occurs which will be huge, and we become anxious and lose our control. and the emotions overwhelm us. And in the next bet we increase bet size more to recover the loss which we had earned hardly. Therefore, we bet our whole account in the last and emotionally play which bust and eat the whole account.

How to avoid being busted?

We must put it in our minds. Big bet size has big profits, but also big losses. So when a loss occurs we should be cautious and reduce the bet size to save the capital. We can achieve that target playing safely. But once the whole capital is gone. Then we will be with no capital. So we start regretting it.

Today I see Baloch was increasing his wincoins and he was making huge profits continuously. And increased the account with a balance of approximately 15000. But after some time he shared a loss of 5000 and again a big loss he shared. So I understood that he is betting anxiously to recover the losses. But he busted the whole wincoins in a few minutes.

The purpose of this is to play safely, and when a loss occurs. Then you should be even more careful and reduce the betting size. That's all!
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Yeah that's really helpful and they must play safely... If you don't greed than you win something good