Roulette - New addition


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I am sure many of you would already know and played as well European Roulette which is a latest addition to Windice site. This was on of the games which was surely being missed from long time and definitely Windice ensures that they keep on updating it as and when require and players enjoys the games and experiences too.

Would like to hear experience of this game and how you finding it and as well if any suggestion particularly for roulette game.

My 1 suggestion is that if they can increase the frame size so that instead of selecting the highest chip we need to always keep scrolling to right side which can be avoided and can be placed vertically. So it becomes easy for selection or else if possible than can fit the same in the existing frame with some modifications.
Yeah I have played much on roulette and simple strategy on roulette is to play reds and blue and sometime risk on 0... I used that and working