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So the reward system for referrals here is absolutely dumb. For me to get paid on my referrals they have to lose. Not even casinos have it set that way. All but here have set based on game play. Why would I want to bank on others loss. I refuse to encourage my referrals to deposit knowing that the only way I get paid is they lose. That system is based on greed! Secondly I know that I have not received all payouts on my referrals. I so far know have been shorted over 4k doge. one of my referrals deposited 40k doge and lost yet no payout. This site has zero accountability and referrals set to encourage them to lose. Then they run CONtest for videos and want people to use their referrals oh and if your referral wins that taken out against your other referrals payout. Only people who actually benefit is site. This needs to be fixed