Project Mother's Day

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So yeah if you like me need to kiss up a bit for rolling too much. So in order to get out of the dog house am going to give you an easy recipe to make that mom, wife grandmother etc of yours smile. This recipe of mine got even the approval of the show Martha And Snoop Dogg.

List of stuff you will need.......

Ham I use spiral bone in
light brown sugar
green beans (i perfer french)
computer or tablet so you can roll windice while you cook a must
tube of ready to bake rolls
one head of lettuce
shredded cheese
whole red tomatoes
salad dressing
now im gonna roll for a bit while the oven heats to 350 degress Farenheit normally would use a grill but the weather has been less than ideal. While oven heats take 2 sticks of butter and the brown sugar and throw in a sauce pan and reduse til becomes a paste. Withe the ham place in a cake pan and after he paste mixture is pasty pour over ham. if you really want to infuse flave take tooth picks or a fork and poke holes all over ham prior to paste mixture application. Then roll dice again until oven finsihed heating. off to do this step pics on the way as well


Now that you have coated hm with paste throw in oven and cook til its to temp. in mean time shred your lettuce and cut tomatoes set table quick so you get back to rolling quicker. I suggest using your phone as not to lose focus and win more.