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If you think you will not win because you have a very low amount of starting bet and you need to have a higher amount for sure win, think again. :)
Let me tell you that you are actually wrong.
Because many times, I have been playing using very small amount of coins claimed from faucet yet, many times I am able to successfully reach the minimum amount for pay.out. I have tried and tested it using BTC, LTC and DOGE.
There was a time months ago in where I only got 300+ sat. BTC from faucet. I gambled it in crash and was able to reach the min. amount for PO. Unfortunately, I tried gambling it a little more. Tried making it to 200k sat. BTC before doing withdrawal and I failed. I busted my earned BTC. Weeks after that, I claimed LTC from faucet to play. I gambled, again in crash. I was able to raise my 10k sat. LTC to 0.1. Unfortunately, because I love doing all-ins, it suddenly got busted. But I never gave up. I kept playing using only amounts claimed from faucet and raise it to very high amounts. Later on, I tried doing it with DOGE. Was able to grow my profit to almost 4k doges using only 20 doges as my starting bet. Unfortunately, I havent been able to slow down from betting because I got very fond with my unbelievable winnings. There I got busted again. But around December, I was able to finally make a withdrawal using the Doges I have earned from faucet and betting in Crash. And now the latest. After multiple busts using my deposited Doges, I went back to playing using only coins claimed from faucet. I have successfully claimed a total amount of 400+ sat. BTC but lost some from betting. Only had 100+ sat left. But funny, I was finally able to grow that amount again with Crash. Even able to raise it to 160k sat BTC. and process successful withdrawal after. And that happened just yesterday. Jan 29, 2020 :)

So believe me when I say, yes you can possibly win big even with just a little amount of coins to play with. Even without the help coming from tips and rains. Even without the rewards you receive from winning the daily trivias, forum challenges and other stuffs. And even without depositing. You just have to be careful in playing always, study what you are playing, learn when to bet low and bet high and take pauses for your plays to cool down. And a strong confidence that you can win. Just always believe that you can win. And you will surely win. :)