Hot POLL:New game(s) on Windice? Voice your opinion.

What games would you like to see introduced at Windice?

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I hope more successful windice new game voting i cast my vote 1 keno 2 hi-lo
I'm biased against keno but any of the other games are good too. Can I maybe throw in that having a multiplier game? Like, for example, keno where there are multiple people playing and we get the same results? That would be fun! Stay green friends!
lottery or golden lucky ticket to win car-mobile-gold-amazon shopping cards- etc...
Hi , we would like to hear player's ideas on what game(s) should windice introduce next.
You can choose up to 2 different entries. If you have a different game in mind - comment with the name of the game below.
The poll will run for 20 days , this way everyone interested should be able to make the choice.
Hi, keno would be great!
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