Passive Income


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What are the different ways in which you can make some passive income with your crypto currency. As it is said that you should make your money work even while you sleep so lets try and collate all the ways which can help all of us to make some extra income.

Depositing on exchange (Some exchanges have the deposit option and give you interest against it)
Affiliate Marketing (Selling products against crypto)
Referral for gambling sites

Share other ways in which you make your money work for you.
Most of the party by joining new projects, you can earn lot of money by joining their programs for distributing their new tokens, but most of it are scams, so it was pure luck to get a real deal income lol.

For the passive income, seems those 5 you mentioned are the only things about how to get passive income in crypto world. Let see about other insightful people do with their crypto to get passive income with it.

Just coming from my mind, is mining considered as passive income? Lot of resource tbh and need to be maintenance each days to make maximum potential earnings, so idk lol.
yeah thats 5 ways are real and trusted but mining crypto is risky deal but still sometimes it works... like few months ago I used a mining site and make profits more than 300% within 2 months and then website shut down.... internet is full of these things but 80-90% are scams... and the big scam is bitcoin generator...