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How to spot big time passive beggar plus scammer in online gambling?

Simple. Depo a good amount, roll high and keep winning huge amount of profits. Share your winnings and real-time pay.outs in the chat rooms and wait for incoming friend requests. Accept those requests and wait for someone to DM you. If that person attempts to borrow funds from you, lend him. If he pays, lucky you. If he isn't yet he keeps betting very huge amount of coins most of the time, then congrats you have successfully catched one of the "big time passive beggar + scammer".

Funny right?? But that's the truth. Honestly and surprisingly, I know some of us thought that some of these all-time high rollers can be trusted. But the truth is, some of them aren't. I personally have encountered not just one but two. Good thing, when these scammers tried borrowing I have not lend them my earnings. But what's funny is, I have heard from some of my close friends whom these two scammers have borrowed funds before, that one of these scammers do not pay unless you remind him about his debt. And the other one, never really pay at all. I was also told, that some scammers usually borrow funds from everyone they can borrow with, in order for them to play and climb their way up to the highest rank in a gambling site. And, they will only pay you if they finally decide to and only if they have extra amount they want to send to you as a tip. But they won't pay the exact amount they have borrowed. Which means, it will either take decades before they finally give you what they borrowed or they will never pay you at all. These are called ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY GAMBLERS, as I've mentioned in one of my threads here titled, TYPES OF GAMBLERS which one do you think are you?

Therefore I conclude that, it's not always the small time players who can turn into real passive beggars plus scammers but high betters too. These scammers come from all sizes. And just because you see these people bet a lot and win a lot, there is a hundred percent chance they can be trusted when it comes to paying what they borrowed, not unless you already know them and are real trustworthy.

So as a friendly advice to everyone who are here to make good profits, take good care of your funds. Specially those who works hard just to earn in a decent way. It's okey to be friendly but never ever trust anyone that easy specially in lending the only money you have. It's not selfishness but keeping yourself and your money safe from scammers.
For me, it's better losing your funds playing than losing it all lending to people who cant and never will pay.

Take good care Windice Family and good day. Stay out of scams and scammers 😊
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