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Dearest windice players, old and new. First of all, nice meeting you here in Windice. Let me remind you again in case you are forgetting, Windice is a gambling site. Not a site for pure faucet claiming, not a site for earning by simply chatting and mainly, not a site to expect for passive income. So obviously, we are here for one reason. To play and gamble. So please be aware that once you guys play here, it will not always be a win win for you. There will be moments where you'll get negative results even if you always choose the highest win rates. Because in gambling, there isn't always a safe side. You can either win or bust even on 90-98% chance rate. Please always remember too that once you decide to gamble your money in this site or even on other gambling sites, you're already putting your money to risk because it will either grow double to triple or much more, or.., will go zero.

So buddy, if your reason for coming here is for you to mainly earn money, oh well you got the wrong idea because playing in a gambling site has no guarantee that you can earn money to sustain your daily needs not unless you are a great gambler and you always win big. If you came here only to get and collect free coins from faucet, chat rains and tips, and do not really have plans to play games cuz you're too afraid to lose all that you've earned from those, then buddy you are in a wrong place. If you came here only to get wins but will never accept loses or if you will keep complaining that you keep getting busted just right after earning a huge amount from playing and that windice do not really want you to win blablabla, better quit playing in here and look for another gambling site where you think you can win even without risking too much. That is, if you can find one. And if you plan to deposit cuz you wanted your money to grow more but isn't really ready for the possibility of losing it all anytime once you started gambling it, then do not deposit. As simple as that. But do not ever complain why it is too difficult to earn big, and why it takes too long before you can even cash out, etc etc.

In my one year of playing and chatting here, I've seen a lot of complaining, whining, cursing and bragging. Also an indirect way of saying, "why did i lose". And it sicks to my stomach.

For people who complains why he/she loses even at 90-98% just after 3-4 greens but others keep winning on that rate. Hey, all I can say is, just because before you are able to get 10 consecutive greens everytime you play on that chance rates, it will still be the same this time. Come on, it's too obvious you do not really know how gambling works. Because if you do, then why complain. For people who keep saying it is very impossible to win and cash out from here if you have no deposit and if you only have a very small amount of coins to gamble, hey. I tell you, if you cannot do it, do not think others can't too. Nothing is impossible if you are smarter than the game you are playing. So do not be righteous enough. For people who keeps saying, "busted again", "i always lose", "i am so unlucky", "windice do not want me to win" blablabla, hey. Stop being a pessimist. Either you take a break, improve your strategies, and study how the games really work and be smarter next time or, just leave and never play anymore. For people who keep posting their RED BET RESULTS in the chat box, oh come on! You know the rules right? So why do it again and again? For people who complains why minimum amount for pay.out is too high blablabla, argh! Look at other gambling sites, some have the same amount for pay.out. Others have even higher pay.outs. So quit complaining. And for people who keeps accusing and cussing the site because they feel they have been cheated, oh my goodness, stop being a sore loser! You lose cuz you havent played well. You busted cuz you havent been careful and smarter enough when playing and you were too confident enough you will win without taking the possibility you'll lose anytime once you gamble all that you have and because you have been too greedy!.

Do not bring negativity in the chat room. Stop whining, cursing and complaining. Stop showing other chatters that you are such a loser. Do not cry over spilled milk. If you wanna gain appreciation, keep your composure no matter how big or small you lost. Just keep learning how to be smarter next time and let everyone see that you are still positive despite the loses you get. Besides, complaining will do you no good. Whining in chat will not help you at all. You can no longer bring back what you have just lost no matter how much you whine. Cuz it was never the system's fault but yours. In fact, yes you can get empathy, but not everyone will like what you will do. You will only get criticism from other players. And worst, you will only get mute coins for doing so.