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Hello dear Windice family . today I'm gonna talk about some coins that you can get by tapping on your screen.
I know it's too late to talk about this. but it is fun for me to share the data about it .


this meme coin is a mini-app in telegram . users can earn them by clicking on their phones . just this . or by doing some tasks like joining in some channels or else.
you can even upgrade your account to boost your mining .
the coin is developed by a team called open builders . at first TON foundation was going to support this meme coin but due to some issues they stopped supporting . until 2023 .
this meme coin joined in telegram beta in November 2023 . they planned to lunch it as a meme coin or joke . but it got so many attractions in the first weeks . 650k users started tapping their screens for this token in first few weeks. after this growth the NOT foundation start supporting this token and it got released officially on
January 1st , 2024 . at last the mining was ended on April 1st. the first listing was on may 16th
in some exchanges like Binance , OKX , , Bitfinex and moreeeee.

oh man . when I heard it is real I really became happy and also sad. I saw my friends were doing that . and they invited me to do that too . but also some other were saying it's crazy to waste time on it . so it really affected me and I didn't take it serious : ( even it's been said "probably nothing" under the app . but at least I got 8000 I'm happy with that .

guys I know it's late but be Patience and stake you NOT COINs . this is the best way now to increase you coins . you can get more token based on your league . the more you had the more you can get after staking is done . also you can unstake your money if you need it but be patience. maybe someday we can have it in windice . maybe

let's see the price of not coin :


current price : $0.005313 ( may 23th, 23:05 GMT)
this is really a lot for just tapping on your screen and getting free money .
and currently it is placed on 128th place.

But after that . I know that there are 2 similar Bots in Telegram just like not coin . and they also have blue checkmarks like not coin . it means they are valid . probably. Tapswap and Blum


Tap Swap is completely similar to Not Coin but Blum is a little different . but don't worry it's very easy to use . go and play them as soon as possible . if you missed Not Coin, don't miss these.

what about you guys . how many "not coins" did you get?
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