"No One Will Save You" (2023) by Brian Duffield


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"No One Will Save You" is a 2023 American science fiction horror film written, directed, and produced by Brian Duffield. The film stars Kaitlyn Dever and has a runtime of 93 minutes. It is notable for having only five clearly audible words of dialogue throughout the entire film. The plot revolves around Brynn, a young woman living in isolation, who is forced to confront her past and the reasons for her solitary existence when her home is invaded by an unearthly creature. The film explores themes of trauma, forgiveness, and survival.


Brian Duffield, the director, is known for his previous film "Spontaneous," which was released in 2020. "No One Will Save You" is his sophomore feature and showcases his skill in creating tension and atmosphere through visual and sound cues. The film was released in theaters on September 19, 2023, and was later made available on streaming services, including Hulu in the United States and Disney+ Star internationally, on September 22, 2023


Despite its minimal dialogue, "No One Will Save You" has received critical acclaim for its unique storytelling approach and the outstanding performance of Kaitlyn Dever. The film's use of visuals and sound cues effectively creates tension and scares, earning praise from renowned authors Stephen King and Guillermo Del Toro.

Trailer: https://www.imdb.com/video/vi2228799257/?playlistId=tt14509110&ref_=tt_pr_ov_vi