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hi all.....
i will post strategies daily so that you can have some good profit

note: no strategy is 100% success in case of randomness double your money and cash out ....but dont think you will multiply your deposit by 10000 times and cashout as millionaire unless you are extremely lucky

strategy1: if you get your rolls in increasing order like
1257 and 5479 then
the rule of randomness is to go against the pattern ....
so you are unlikely to get a roll number higher than 5479.....
so bet below 5479
example2: if rolls are 1568,4789...
you bet below 4789..
if on third roll you lost and got 6578 then
bet for below 6578
note: you can have at max 7 losses in a row...but you will get good number of wins like first example itself
if you like the strategy and make profit appreciated...............username: swaroop95

note: i have already asked the support whether i can use the word "tips appreciated"...they said "you can" please dont waste your time by trying to complaint about me..
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